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Old 07-10-2009, 13:15
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Default I've registered on the forum, but my account keeps getting deleted

Unfortunately this forum gets swamped with spammers trying to advertise Viagra, Porn, Financial Services and all number of other unwanted things. So we go through every day or so and delete the spammer accounts.

Sometimes there are so many of these that legitimate members are also deleted - it's not deliberate, it's more a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees.

To help us to identify you as a legitimate user, please choose a username that is the same as your real name - i.e. a username of "John Smith" is more likely to be noticed as a possible legitimate user than "NonPrescriptionDrugsJohn". If your email address ties up with your username, it also looks more likely that you're for real and not a spammer - so looks a whole lot less suspicious than ""

Once you've registered and been accepted onto the forum, please put a short post up in the open section and introduce yourself - if you're an existing club member, please say so and you'll be given access to the full forum.

It may look as though this forum doesn't attract any posts, but in fact it's fairly busy in the hidden members section most of the time.

If you're not a member of the club, putting a post up in the open section of the forum will soon be spotted by an existing member and any questions you have will be answered. We can also arrange a visit to the club so you can look around.

This is by far the best way to introduce yourself to the club and by already making yourself known to the members will make it much easier for you to have a chat down at the club.

The club members are all very friendly people, who will talk the hind legs off a donkey if it's anything to do with shooting - but it's always polite to make a bit of an effort and meet them half way.

Putting a post up on here and then making a visit to the club and saying "Hi, I'm John - I put a post up on the club forum last week" is always going to go down much better at the club than just turning up and ignoring everyone.

If you've introduced yourself on here, you'll get something along the lines of "Oh, Hi John, Nice to meet you mate - I see you're interested in trying out HFT but aren't sure what gun and scope you'll need, would you like to have a few shots with my rifle and see how it suits you"
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